How to Write a Killer Resume for a Remote Work Position

It is important to be extremely clear that you are looking for a remote work opportunity. While remote employment has been on the rise in 2020, most jobs are still designed for on-site employees. As a result, most resumes and job applications tend to be for how to list remote work on resume those types of in-house positions. One of the keys to writing the perfect work from home resume is to make it pretty. A clean, organized CV, where you can add your picture and have all the information in the right places, can help you land the job you need.

Without the use of specific keywords in your resume (and cover letter), your resume may never be seen by the hiring manager. Be sure to put keywords such as “remote”, “telecommute”, “virtual” etc. alongside the role specific keywords.

But when you do your job in a company’s office, there are many more opportunities to connect with your work cohorts in person and share information. Then, apply examples of your conscientiousness to your potential remote position when noting this skill on your resume. We’ve provided an example below showing how you can add remote skills organically into the professional experience section of your resume.

Must Have Remote Work Skills on Your Resume

For any remote company, being able to effectively collaborate in a remote environment is a top priority and requirement of all employees. However, remote collaboration does require extensive use of online and digital resources. That means getting comfortable with project management programs, video meeting software, and company-specific digital platforms. This is an important skill for a range of positions but it’s probably most relevant in sales or marketing positions. If you’re applying for any position that will require speaking with clients or persuade people for any reason then including negotiation as one of your skills would be a great idea.

What skills are in demand for remote work?

As we've seen, specific skills are in higher demand than others. Developers and engineers are highly sought after, as are marketing, business development, and sales professionals. Product management, operations, Finance, and data analysis are also in demand, as are customer support, design, and HR.

ATS will even rank candidates based on how well they meet the company’s applicant criteria. Not sure how to make your remote intentions clear on your resume? Just like you would go to the mechanic when your engine breaks down, an expert resume writer is here to help you with your resume needs. From making sure your resume tells your best career story to guiding you during a career transition, resume writers are here to share their expertise so you can succeed.

Skills That Better Be on Your Resume if You Want to Land a Remote Job

When describing your quality of self-discipline, it helps to share examples. Showcase instances from previous jobs or projects that highlight your ability to work independently, spurred forward by your own initiative. If you can’t motivate yourself to work when you need to to stay on track, then you’re going to have a hard time with a lot of remote jobs. Finding the best skills to put on a resume isn’t a challenging task, but it does take time. Then, check out the new skills tags on We Work Remotely by browsing for remote roles in your industry. Effectively collaborated with teams in three different time zones using Slack for asynchronous communication and Trello for project management.

remote work skills resume

Whatever the case, it’s your job to make it clear in your application, cover letter, and well-crafted resume that you’re seeking a remote opportunity. Demonstrate confidence that you have the needed skills and knowledge to do your job remotely or hybrid. Managed a remote team of six specialists, including transitioning to remote work and coordinating hybrid work schedules.

More Resume Samples Related to a Work from Home Resume

If you’re a poor general communicator, this will quickly lead to problems when you’re working virtually. Your resume itself is one way to exemplify your written communication skills, along with your cover letter. It’s helpful to be conscientious in any position, but remote managers will particularly appreciate hires who emphasize this skill on their resumes. We’ve interviewed 50+ hiring managers and past career changers to find out how you can be more successful in your job search. We’ve condensed their insights into this step-by-step checklist, and packed it with insider tools and strategies you won’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for fully remote positions or navigating a return to the office, here’s how to demonstrate the key skills employers are looking for.

  • There are hundreds of tools and resume-writing services out there that can help you do just that.
  • Organized remote networking events with 1000+ participants across 3 time zones.
  • Being an excellent verbal communicator is also important as a remote employee because you may have fewer opportunities to talk in person or on calls, so you need to make the most of each one.
  • Organizing and planning are critical skills to have when working from home.
  • Highlight all your matching skills, so you know exactly which ones to add to your resume, cover letter, and application.

Below, we will highlight some of the most important resume skills for remote jobs. Looking for remote work isn’t much different than looking for an in-office or hybrid role. But as more employees are specifically seeking out positions they can do from the comfort of their homes, listing remote work skills and experience on your resume helps you attract remote employers. In fact, many employers and remote employees might consider remote work a skill in itself. It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and strong communication to be an efficient and effective remote worker, and not everyone is cut out for it. If you’re seeking a remote job opportunity, it’s important to showcase your remote skills during the application process.

Career Tools

Having a designated home office with a door can also provide a barrier to household distractions, such as the television or laundry. According to a recent FlexJobs survey, a whopping 65% of respondents say they want to work from home full-time post-pandemic, and 31% would like a hybrid work schedule.

  • Contemporary templates perfect for new job seekers or anyone looking for a fresh start.
  • One of the biggest perks of a ton of remote jobs is that you have flexibility about when you work.
  • As many candidates don’t even read job descriptions carefully, recruiters, instead of reviewing each CV and interviewing them, have the help of this system to identify potential good candidates.
  • To gain perspective on what real business leaders and HR professionals look for in their remote workforces, we asked just over 200 of them their opinions on the best skills for remote work.
  • Gamification basically breaks down to rewarding yourself for checking things off your to-do list and establishing good habits.
  • You know that you’re at your desk for eight hours and that’s the time you have allotted to finish your to-do list for the day.
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