How to Hire an Offshore Dedicated Development Team

After reading this article on hiring an offshore dedicated development team, there’s no doubt that it tickled your interest to want to hire one. Our focus is on maintaining developer skill level, ensuring flawless product delivery process through providing work stations, office space & cloud operations environment. We connect companies with skilled developers, deploy result-driven teams and optimize their SDLC through proven business solutions. We’ve been connecting enterprises with offshore development teams for more than 15 years.

dedicated offshore team

However, hiring a team consisting primarily of experts can be financially demanding. Some offshore companies have a team specialized for each project type. So, it’s best beforehand dedicated team to communicate these salient details to a preferred vendor. Offshore outsourcing offers one of the most effective ways to save on the cost of software development.

Ultimate Guide to Evaluating a Software Development Partner Based on Your Needs

When your in-house team lacks the necessary experience and/or expertise to complete the project. You need specific skills You need to quickly expand your team by bringing in skilled engineers or technicians. When you need to fill talent gaps in your team with experts with particular skills. You can not underestimate the risk factors involved in the development of software.

dedicated offshore team

Project-based outsourcing is fit for businesses of all sizes, although it works best for initiatives that are not core products. When dealing with a one-time tech project, hiring an in-house team is not justified. An extended team is meant to supplement rather than replace in-house personnel. The essential competency, both business and technical, is on-shore in this situation, while the extension team functions offshore, filling the skill gaps in your core employees. According to KPMG, approximately 84.2% of outsourcing deals are made in the USA annually.

Advantages of Offshore Dedicated Teams

However, you’ll need to settle for one that’s best equipped to meet your goals. During your independent research, ensure you find out the company’s location, their hourly rate, the team’s expertise, the company’s project portfolio, and other general info. A team to partner is one whose project portfolio suggests experience and has the perfect component for what you plan to build. Choosing the right offshore workforce is not a “walk in the park.” Every offshore team you approach will give your reasons why they’re the best. It’s difficult to properly synergize the activities of a freelance team as they might be in different time zones. On the other hand, freelance teams also take jobs from other clients, and they may abandon your project without any prompt.

  • By using Agile methodology, your remote and in-house teams will be forced to find ways to collaborate and communicate with each other.
  • When you are working with an In-house team or local developers you may get limited ideas for your project solution.
  • Affordable locations, let’s take Kyiv for example, have office rent that is almost three times lower than in New York.
  • Probably, western companies will need even more specialists all over the globe.
  • You need specific skills You need to quickly expand your team by bringing in skilled engineers or technicians.
  • Our legal and financial teams always make sure that Alcor clients are updated with local laws and policies.

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, web development continues to be a vital component of building and maintaining a successful online presence…. This means they would have completed some tasks before lunch, ready for review. To prevent legal backlash, data leaks, and copyright protection, it’s imperative to sign an NDA. Now that you’ve established communication with a preferred team, the next step is to formalize your agreement by signing the requisite documents for legal backing. Albeit optional, it can be beneficial to hire an expert to validate every piece of information you’re provided with. From the information given above, it’s imperative to conclude that outsourcing to Eastern Europe is the best option.

Cultural Advantage

Because of these challenges, remote resources require clear communication channels between the teams. Further, when communicating with remote resources, it is essential to understand their unique way of working and what they think is best. Innearshore outsourcing, resources are located in a low-cost country close to the project team’s home location. For example, if the project team is in the United States, the nearshore team may be in Canada or Mexico. Any kind of android application development project, you can choose the best from our pool of talent. Hiring a professional project manager with scrum and technical knowledge made easy with Doodle Inc.

dedicated offshore team

They have experts that can help guide the team through its discovery phase and doers that write the code according to the approved blueprint. With the above information in mind, let’s discuss some salient points before hiring an offshore team. Statistics from Deloitte show that 72% of startups prefer outsourcing over in-house developers. Suggesting that there’s already a shift in demand towards this business model. You can introduce changes to the team composition at any project stage, upscaling or downscaling it as the progress requires. Moreover, you can shift developers between projects if you have several of them running at a time.

and offshore

Think of this model as a way to supply the specialists with relevant skills to address the challenges of the given project. In this case, you get the necessary resources, which extend your in-house team and maintain focus on the tasks. Let’s figure out the difference between the two forms of outsourcing and decide which of them is the best for your project. We start with offshore development center basic terms and then move on to contrasting it to the dedicated team model.

At Intelvision, we do our best to live up to this image by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, innovative thinking, and dedicated teams to deliver the best offshore development services. However, in order to get everything right, you need a reliable offshore team by your side. And considering today’s remote work trend, most businesses would prefer working with a team of offshore developers.

When to hire an offshore software company

Software developers in Eastern Europe to find out more advantages of this decision. Although you hire a trustworthy team of developers, a non-disclosure agreement should be signed by default. Companies that produce intellectual property must keep an eye on their legal rights from the very beginning.

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