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Top 6 Trending Jewellery Designs to Rock Your Kurti Look

October 2022 | classics curvez

Indian women love kurtis as one of their favorite ethnic wear items. Kurtis are an outfit that can be worn for nearly any occasion. Be it a formal event or an informal one, you can always wear Kurtis. Besides looking beautiful, Kurtis are also very comfortable. Women love to wear them because they are stylish but also very comfortable. Usually, these Kurtis are paired with various jewellery pieces to make them look even more beautiful. Some women wear heavy jewellery, while others choose a simple piece. Even so, there are some jewellery pieces that will instantly transform these simple-looking Kurtis into something more beautiful and trendy. The purpose of this article is to examine some of the finest jewellery staples to accessories these simple Kurtis outfits. without further ado, let’s begin.


Stylish Jhumkas

Jhumkas have an irresistible charm. You can literally look stunning just by putting on a pair of jhumkas.It is traditional to wear jhumkas with ethnic clothing, however these can also be paired with a lovely Kurti as well. All you have to do is to find a pair of pretty jhumkas that can go with most of your Kurtis. 


Classy Studs

When paired with a Kurti, studs are perfectly adorable. These are small and super cute. you can see the magic happening when you wear them!



One of the best pieces of jewellery to wear with a Kurtiis a silver bangle bracelet. These bangle bracelets look extremely beautiful and lighten up the plain Kurti.


Tiny Pendent With Chain 

Pendants are universally wearable for every kind of attire. Whether it is for an official event or an informal one, you can always wear a pendant.


Those Necklaces

If you prefer to have a statement-making look, go for a necklace instead of a pendant.Such necklaces are best suited for Kurtis with heavy embroidery. You will need to pick one that not only fits your style, but also looks beautiful with your Kurti.


Hoop Earrings

Currently hoop earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery. They are simple to wear and give an ethnic vibe. They are best suited for informal occasions and events.

So Beautiful Ladies, these were six jewellery staples that can be worn with a simple Kurti to make it more beautiful. For more checkout Classic Curves Official Website. We hope you found this article interesting and informative.

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